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SKR Consultants Ltd.

5934 Raceway Road

Smithers, BC 

V0J 2N1


Phone: 250-847-4674




SKR Consultants Ltd



We provide a variety of services that assist with the development and implementation of effective environmental management strategies, including site assessments, research, monitoring, mitigation, and rehabilitation.


Environmental Services

Stream and Riparian Classification

Environmental Property Assessments

Environmental Field Assessments

Environmental Management

Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Environmental Monitoring 

Scientific Research

Lake and Stream Inventories

Habitat Assessments

Stock Assessments

Wildlife Inventory

Life History Studies


Data Management

Database Design

GIS Modeling and Analysis

Data Entry and Viewing Tools

Habitat Suitability Modeling

Data Quality Assurance Checks

Population Estimates


Expertise in Statistical Analysis

Education and Training

Course development and implementation

Active Instructors for various workshops and training sessions

Active Instructors for college and university credit courses related to biology, fisheries, ecology and wildlife