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SKR Consultants Ltd.

5934 Raceway Road

Smithers, BC 

V0J 2N1


Phone: 250-847-4674



About Us

SKR Consultants Ltd.

Specializing in     
Scientific Research and Environmental Services     
Related to the Management of 
Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems


Smithers, British Columbia                 Since 1994     




SKR Consultants Ltd. takes pride in combining the expertise of our team of qualified staff to provide innovative, scientifically defensible, and environmentally responsible solutions for our clients.  Since our inception in 1994, we have had the opportunity to work effectively with a diversity of clients from different industries, educational institutions, government agencies (municipal, provincial and federal) and First Nations organizations.  Currently, our projects primarily focus on resource management and environmental protection in the northern half of British Columbia.   We continually strive toward maintaining our exemplary abilities to efficiently and cooperatively deliver the necessary services to our various clients.  The scientific background, local knowledge and dedication of our staff enable us to acquire feasible solutions that will allow our clients to meet their objectives in environmentally responsible and cost effective ways.