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Riparian Management


              SKR Consultants Ltd







Stream and Riparian Classification is applicable to forestry, mining, road and railway development, hydro and gas lines, and strategic watershed- based management for protection of fisheries resources. 

The objectives for stream, lake, and riparian classifications are to evaluate the importance of biodiversity, fish habitat, and riparian dependent wildlife species within a development area.  These evaluations allow for the development of appropriate project designs and will identify necessary mitigative measures. We provide our clients with guidance toward addressing all ecological concerns, and we help assure that your plans are in compliance with federal and provincial environmental laws and regulations.

Our company has vast experience and is fully equipped for stream, lake, and riparian assessments.  We provide qualified biologists for field investigations to allow a professional judgement of various scenarios.  We are known and well respected for our abilities to make conclusive decisions on stream/riparian classifications and the limits to fish distribution based on the knowledge, extensive field experience and the sampling protocol used by our field biologists. Our expertise in GIS mapping, data management, and report writing ensure that results are provided efficiently and in the most cost-effective ways, while always providing our clients with only high quality and professional presentations of the results.


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