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SKR Consultants Ltd.

5934 Raceway Road

Smithers, BC 

V0J 2N1


Phone: 250-847-4674




Environmental Property Assessments


              SKR Consultants Ltd






We are highly qualified and strategically located for site assessments, historical data reviews and reporting for Environmental Property Assessments (EPA) of residential and commercial properties along Highway 16 in central British Columbia.

The initial phase of an EPA involves a reconnaissance site visit to identify the risks for any present or future environmental contaminations in conjunction with the collection and review of all available historical information pertaining to the geology, hydrology, land development and ownership status of the subject property.  The report for this phase of the EPA gives our clients the information and recommendations needed to understand the procedures and to evaluate the costs that would be involved to effectively complete the second phase of their EPA.

The second phase of an EPA involves a detailed site assessment of all potential risks to the environment that were identified in the first phase. We will conduct the necessary sampling and detailed field assessments to evaluate the extent of all potential and present contaminations.  A report will be provided summarizing and documenting the laboratory findings. Where necessary, we will provide detailed plans for remediation of existing contaminations, and/or the implementation of effective mitigative efforts that may reduce the risks for future environmental impacts.


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