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SKR Consultants Ltd.

5934 Raceway Road

Smithers, BC 

V0J 2N1


Phone: 250-847-4674




Environmental Field Assessments


SKR Consultants Ltd

We frequently conduct preliminary fish, wildlife, and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem field assessments for a variety of clients

We combine our educations, experiences and background with the available literature and local knowledge to develop appropriate and effective field assessment procedures that are relevant to your specific project activities. 

We focus our field efforts on areas identified to be important toward obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the various environmental agencies. 

We ensure that suitable information will be obtained from our field assessments to allow the development of environmental management plans when necessary, and to identify mitigation, rehabilitation, and compensation prescriptions where applicable.

Our goal in environmental field assessments is to satisfy the needs of our clients by clearly identifying all of the environmental management concerns in your development area that can be avoided or that will require additonal actions prior to receiving final approvals and permits from the applicable environmental agencies. 

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